Nigerian Doctors Suspend Strike After Talks With Government



Nigerian doctors suspended a nationwide strike to continue talks with the government over a lack of protective equipment needed to treat Covid-19 patients and other benefits.

The medical officers decided to return to work after an intervention from government officials, the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors said in emailed statement on Monday. The group will “continue negotiations with stakeholders and progress made shall be reviewed in four weeks,” they said.

Nigeria’s Minister of Information Lai Mohammed has called the action of the body “a setback for the nation’s effort” to fight Covid-19. He accused the group of betraying the nation and their professional oath by denying people medical care during a public health emergency.

“This is not right and it clearly negates the Hippocratic Oath to which the doctors subscribe,” Mohammed said in an emailed statement. “This is an ill-timed and ill-considered strike, — there is no doubt that the strike has impacted negatively on public health, putting many lives at risk.”

About 300 doctors have been infected with coronavirus in the line of duty and 10 have died, secretary general of the association, Bilqis Muhammad, said by phone.

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