Oando Plc’s Adewale Tinubu, Counts Blessings at 53


For Wale Tinubu, GCEO, Oando Plc, every day is considered special.
In fact, he never takes for granted the grace of enjoying a good sleep at night and waking up, hale and hearty, in the morning.

So, the dawn of every new day draws him closer to God, spiritually. But last Friday, June 26, may be said to have come with a bigger and special package of sorts for him. It was the day he turned 53; so, he reportedly devoted the greater part of the day in prayers and special worship of his Creator. In addition, it was gathered that he used the occasion to gladden the hearts of several needy ones in the society as he is wont to do.

However, the celebration, it was gathered, was devoid of any fanfare for two good reasons: the restriction on loud parties owing to the outbreak of the deadly COVID -19 as well as his personal philosophy that frowns on frivolous spending.
His abiding belief seems to rest on the deathless words of Andrew Carnegie that “Wealth is not to feed our egos but to feed the hungry and to help people help themselves.’ As a businessman, he is respected for his wizardry so much so that investors have continued to repose great confidence in him. Interestingly, the Oando Plc head honcho has achieved the feat not by mere words of mouth, but with sheer dint of hard work.

He belongs to that rare breed of men who possess the ability to consistently do more than they say. If he promises you a hill, better be sure you’re getting a mountain. For years, he’s sailed untroubled in the entrepreneurial ocean, navigating numerous business boats with grace and nous of veteran captain.

A man of no mean repute whose achievements can be composed into a platinum album, he beams with the glow of perpetual investors’ confidence in a clime notorious for its herculean business climate. He perches atop oil and gas giant Oando like a majestic eagle. Vigilant-eyed and sharp-nosed, who has among the few Nigeria’s businessmen that can rub shoulders with other top businessmen around the globe as he commands respect in the world business sector. He has succeeded in engraving his name in the hearts of the generality of his compatriots.

The husky voiced entrepreneur loves to pull people around him up, believing that “the amount of wealth you gather in life does not make you a successful man but the amount of people you have pulled up from poverty and render selfless assistance to.’’

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