Apple Watch Ultra Review: Better Battery Life, but Not Quite Extreme


The Ultra is designed for extreme athletes and outdoor adventurers. I appreciated a lot of what it has to offer, especially the noticeably improved battery: It’s got 36 hours of battery life when used normally and will last up to 60 hours when in low-power mode when an update comes later this year. That’s way better than the 18 hours you get with the Series 8, the newest edition of the regular Apple Watch.

The water resistance, scuba-diving computer, redesigned compass and precise GPS for endurance athletes are pretty remarkable technical feats for a smartwatch.

But a Peloton class with Olivia Amato is about as extreme as my workouts get, so these exciting new features were lost on me. If you’re like me and exercise is something you do to stay healthy, you don’t need to spend $799 on the Ultra.

I have used some variation of the Apple Watch for more than five years, and I appreciate it as a great companion to my iPhone. It helps motivate me to stay active and “close my rings.” Receiving notifications when I’m on the go and being able to ping my iPhone from my watch when I misplace it (many times a day) helps me makes the most of my time.

But since I won’t take advantage of most of the new features the Ultra has to offer, I won’t be splurging on the watch. Here are a few other reasons why I’m holding off on the Ultra and the value it might offer you if you’re more athletically inclined than me.


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