Breaking News: Wada Accepts Supreme Court Kogi Guber Verdict, reminds him that Kogi Still Under Siege.


Congratulates Yahaya Bello,reminds him that Kogites are Still Under Siege.

Former Kogi State governor and People’s Democratic Candidate in the governorship election in the state, Engineer (Dr) Musa Wada has said that though he did not agree with the decision of the Supreme Court on the elections, he will however as a democrat who believes in the rule of law, accept the verdict.

Wada in a statement said the verdict did not take Into account the violence and disenfranchisement of citizens whose mandate had by the result of the appeal, been silenced but being a democrat, he had to accept the verdict as there would always be an end to litigation.

He however lamented that the lot of Kogi people were worsening by the day as evidenced in arrears of salaries and lack of basic amenities that made life worth living.

As a good sportsman, he congratulated Governor Yahaya Bello and charged him to quickly address the sufferings of the ordinary man on the street, pointing out that other more focused states were rising up to the challenges of development currently eluding the state.

He attributed the late acceptance and congratulating his opponent to certain inispositions and pledged to continue doing his lot in helping the ordinary Kogite to have better living standards.

‘’Nevertheless, the Supreme court has spoken and as a democrat, I heartily congratulate Governor Yahaya Bello and to remind him at this crucial point in Kogi’s history, that this has all been about Kogites and I shall continue in my quest to ensure a better life for people of the state. God Bless Kogi state and God Bless Nigeria’’

‘‘Despite the controversy that heralded his ascension to power Yahaya Bello in our dear state, many had hoped that he would be the breath of fresh air which the rancid political environment sorely needed. But Bello’s four years was a disaster, as many groaned in pain and gnashed their teeth. As a result of unpaid monthly salaries to civil servants, some workers died in penury, families got destabilised and many children whose parents were civil servants dropped out of school. The situation in Kogi is still so bad and under siege. Bello’s mis-governance is not hidden even to the blind..

“However, as the maxim goes, ‘there is always an end to litigation’ and that holds true for me in my quest to wrench my people of Kogi State from the stranglehold of misrule, maladministration and misgovernance that had characterised the past four years; however, that effort has come to an end in our quest to reclaim a mandate rightly given to us.

‘‘I am a stickler to the rule of law which comes with the burden to accept what the courts hold as justice in its estimation, hence, while disagreeing with the position and conclusion of the apex court of our country, I have to accept it and move on to seek other ways of assuaging the penury inflicted on my people which I had hoped, would have been mitigated and addressed by being on the saddle.,’ Wada stated.

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