Unknown Lady Accused Arsenal And Ghana Football Star of Rape


The former Atletico Madrid star whose away goal sent the Black Stars to the 2022 Qatar World Cup after playing a 1-1 draw against the Super Eagles of Nigeria became the latest Premier League star after Manchester City’s Benjamin Mendy and Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood to be accused of rape.

However, the unidentified lady stormed TYwitter under the username @deffonotchaur with some screenshots of her private chats with the Arsenal star.

She claimed that the Arsenal midfielder tried to forcefully have oral sex with her while she was drunk and asleep. during their holiday in Ibiza, one of the Balearic islands in Spain where many football stars spend their holidays.

She said, “Thomas Partey is a serial rapist who has got lucky because the date he decided to rape me whilst we were on holiday together was 10 days before UK law changed allowing UK police forces jurisdiction over crimes committed outside the UK

“He raped me, left me in bed unconscious then went out to party in Ibiza, came back, laughed in my face and told me I don’t get to say no to him.”

Referring to his response after she reportedly confronted him in their chat, she said, “No woman can accuse you of raping her and your response is this????”

However, while there has been no comment from the Ghanaian international or his North London club, the revelation has attracted mixed reactions from tweeps.

According to @drpenking believes that “Thomas Partey is innocent until proven guilty. Social media court should not replace real court. Amber Heard/Johnny Depp’s case taught us that.”

Meanwhile, another tweep @SxrgioSZN said “You’re a sick man if you’re tryna defend Thomas Partey right now. Hope that girl gets every bit of justice she deserves.”

@RomeroEnjoyer added, “Thomas Partey wont see your tweets defending him. But your followers who have been victims of rape will. If you are defending him, from me to you, go fuck yourself.”

Another tweet said, “Don’t join the bandwagon of ruining Thomas Partey , if a crime was committed the authorities will relay the information to the public, don’t say it’s because he’s rich & famous, European media will never protect a black man no matter who he is. Don’t give credence to blackmail.”

Meanwhile, @mornyharrisonn believes the alleged victim’s receipt are incoherent and demanded more clarity.

“I’m not saying she is lying about being raped by Thomas Partey but the girl’s story is inconsistent. She first said he tried to pay him of but she still went to the police meaning she was not interested in the money. Now she is saying she has been paid of. Make it make sense.”

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