TOUR ‘ABUSE’ Rockers The Killers face shock allegations that sexual abuse took place on their tour


Rock band The Killers are an American rock band formed in Las Vegas in 2001 by Brandon Flowers (lead vocals, keyboards, bass) and Dave Keuning (lead guitar, backing vocals), are facing shock allegations that sexual misconduct took place on tour.

They strongly deny the claims and have vowed to hold an investigation.

The band has vowed to hold an investigation

The band has vowed to hold an investigation

Claims were made online by a female sound engineer about their 2009 US tour — in which it was said women were subject to inappropriate behaviour.

The allegations by a Twitter user named Chez Cherrie were said to have included an unconscious woman left naked after being sexually abused by several members of the tour crew.

In a blog, Chez alleges members of the crew took it in turns to have sexual activity with a woman in a dressing room.

She does not name the group in the blog but clarified on Twitter that it was The Killers.

A spokeswoman for the band said they were taking the claims “extremely seriously” and have told lawyers to investigate the alleged incidents.

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