Top 5 celebrity stylists in Nigeria


 Chief Executive Officer at Medlin Couture. She is a fashion consultant, fashion label owner, brand influencer, and businesswoman in real estate.

Yolande Okereke is a celebrity stylist and costume designer. She pulls impeccable pieces together for celebrities on the red carpet.

Damilola Oke is a Style Consultant at Fierce & Modish Ltd, a Personal Brand, Publicity & Image Management company she birthed in the year 2013. She is a Mass Communications graduate of Covenant University.

Swanky Jerry is one of Nigeria’s youngest and most influential celebrity stylists. His real name is Jeremiah Ogbodo and he is a 24-year-old who has grown into a celebrity in his own right.

Born Tosin Ogundadegbe, the Ibadan-native studied at the London’s most famous fashion college Saint Martins, achieving a fashion degree at the highest level and has since worked with some of the most famous fashion designers in the world

Fast forward to 2020, The Style infidel is currently outfitting the most-photographed celebrities in Africa and consulting for the most sought after fashion labels locally and in the diaspora.

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