Things to keep in mind before your next pedicure session


Pampering yourself, once in a while, is crucial to staying healthy, happy, and relaxed. Just like your face, hair, and nutrition, you must also take care of your feet and give them the love that they deserve. So, what better than a relaxing pedicure every fortnight or month to not just make your feet look healthy and clean, but also to shoo away all the tiredness?

However, before you book your next pedicure appointment, you must keep some essential tips in mind, according to the dermatologist.

*Never cut your nails too short and in a curve, she suggested. “That could result in ingrown nails – a pretty painful condition. Instead, cut them straight and then get them filed.”

*Remember to not cut your cuticles. Instead, she advised pushing them back with a cuticle pusher. “Make cuticle oil application a daily habit. If you don’t have anything fancy, just use castor oil. It is equally effective,” she added, sharing that cuticle is our defence against nail infections.

*The expert advised to always apply a base coat. “Don’t directly apply nail paint. That could result in permanent staining of your nails,” she said.

*Lastly, don’t let your pedicurist treat your corns and calluses. “That could be a wart which requires a specialist. It is important to find the cause and treat it accordingly.

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