THE World’s Biggest Superyacht


The Azzam yacht immediately took the record for world’s most lucrative vessel when it was constructed in 2013.

Toppling Roman Abramovich’s  superyacht from the top spot was no small order, with the ship being valued at $605million and taking four years to build.

The titanic vessel’s last owner, former UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, passed away in May 2022 .

This could mean the record-shattering ship may soon change owners, according to Yacht Harbour.

The Azzam is almost 600ft long and can accommodate over 100 people – but they can’t all be guests, as it needs at least 60 crewmembers to maintain.

Alongside being the largest superyacht in the world, it is also one of the fastest, with a top speed of around 33 knots (40mph).

The superyacht took over 4,000 people to to construct.

In fact, it was so massive that the builders calculated that had the yacht been built by one person, work would have had to start in 1737BC.

But if the Azzam is snapped up, it would be half a billion well spent, as it comes equipped with some luxury features.

The new owners could enjoy amenities including an onboard gym, swimming pools, a golf training room, private submarines and a helipad.

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