THE TRUTH ABOUT KUJE Correctional Center Attack By Terrorist

THE TRUTH ABOUT KUJE Correctional center Attack by Terrorist on 5/7/2022 around 10pm.

Only GOD that saved us today. For over 2 hours and 45 minutes more than 300 terrorist took over the Kuje prison in Abuja with GPMGs, Bombs, RPGs, Many Rifles etc, It’s GOD that Saved us, over 1200 Prisoners and over 150 terrorist escaped successfully.
The Total Population of the Kuje Prison inmates is about 1,476, And Only 111 of the inmates refused to escape and decided to remain in the prison as 90 percent of the inmates escaped, those that decided not to escape includes Former Governor Jolly Nyame of Taraba state, Farouk lawal, Abba Kyari and 4 of his officers, Retired AVM and also 107 other inmates who’s jail term is less than 3 months remaining and some who are innocent of the allegations on them, with few other good Senior Citizens, All remaining over 1300 inmates have escaped together with the terrorist that came to rescue them, only 111 that refused to escape are remaining on ground.
Any other press release that tells you there are more than 111 inmates in Kuje prison today is completely false. All persons that volunteered to remain behind were counted by 2am today and the total is 111 persons.
Expect the usual false press releases this morning form the security agencies trying to depend themselves and mislead Nigerians and the President, Don’t believe Any of the security agencies that will start misleading the public with false press release that it was “attempted jail break of Kuje prison, Terrorist were repelled, Prisoners were re-arrested’ . All are false press releases as usual to mislead Nigerians and the President to show that these Major security agencies are working when they don’t have any Capacity as they couldn’t detect or prevent these type of Massive attack and many others that happened in the recent fast.
The National assembly or the presidency should send strong delegation to come and count the people remaining in Kuje prison now which is less than 10 percent as over 90 percent of the Prisoners have escaped,
The security architecture of Nigeria needs Major overhaul. How can over 300 Terrorist plan big operation like this and attack a Prison facility inside Abuja federal capital territory and escape successful with over 1300 rescued Prisoners without security agencies getting intelligence before the attack or even preventing the attack when it came.
This Operations was executed by over 300 terrorist shouting Allahu Akbar, and it lasted for 2hrs and 45 minutes successful and the reinforcement of men and equipment came more than 1 hour after the Terrorist have gone successful, that is about 4 hours after the operation was started.
Nigeria is in big trouble, there is no prison or no place that is save again with such numbers of terrorist with heavy weapons attacking every where they want.
Terrible situation, All Armed officers both Prisons officers and soldiers escaped when the terrorist arrived and reinforcement came 4 hours later, that is over an hour after the terrorist have finished their operations and left with over 1300 rescued Terrorist and other criminals.
GOD Save Nigeria.
The truth from
Abubakar Musa still In Kuje prison

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