The Netflix FIFA Scandal Documentary You Must Watch


The FIFA scandal documentary on Netflix is a must watch for every Nigerian vis-a-vis African.

There are huge lessons to take home for the black race regarding his perchance to put personal greed ahead of community good and development.

Qatar basically won the hosting right for the World Cup by buying up majority of the members in the 22-man committee which voted in the decision to award the 2022 World Cup Hosting Right to the Gulf nation.

Michele Platini in return for his vote forced the Qataris to enter into arms deal with France worth billions of dollars, plus buy their aircrafts, and a football club in France (Yeah, that’s how they came about PSG).

The Brazilians traded their vote for a gas deal which saw the setting up of a fully functional mega gas plant in the Amazon nation.

The Africans among them asked for 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS wired straight to their personal accounts.

We came to the table where nation-changing deals were being made and all we Africans cared for was our personal account balance. Not the millions of lives that could be changed forever. We didn’t ask for our countries share of those far-reaching deals of epic national proportions worth in the regions of several hundred million of dollars. Instead, we went for a self-serving interest thereby denying our people the luxury of a better life.

That Netflix documentary summed up the mentality of the African in its entirety. If you are wondering why it’s the richest yet poorest continent, look no further.

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