The fifteen Prime Ministers Who Served Under Queen Elizabeth II


QUEEN Elizabeth II oversaw 15 British prime ministers during her 70 years on the throne.

Here is a list of these leaders:

  1. Winston Churchill: 1951-1955

This was Churchill’s second spell as prime minister. He had previously served in that capacity from 1940-1945.

2. Anthony Eden: 1955-1957

Eden was deputy to Churchill for nearly 15 years. He eventually resigned shortly after the end of the Suez operation.

3. Harold Macmillan: 1957-1963

Britain’s colonial states in Africa began reclaiming their independence during his tenure.

4. Alec Douglas-Home: 1963-1964

Douglas-Home was the last prime minister to be appointed while a member of the House of Lords.

5. Harold Wilson: 1964-1970, and 1974-76

Wilson was the first Labour prime minister during Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

6. Edward Heath: 1970-1974

During his spell, Heath led Britain to join the European Community – which eventually became the European Union.

7. James Callaghan: 1976-1979 

His years in office were marked by economic recessions, which ultimately led to the government devaluing the pound sterling.

8. Margaret Thatcher: 1979-1990

Thatcher was the longest-serving prime minister under Queen Elizabeth. She was dubbed the ‘Iron Lady’ for her strong-willed and uncompromising leadership style.

9. John Major: 1990-1997

Major implemented several political and economic reforms during his tenure and took measures to achieve peace in Northern Ireland.

10. Tony Blair: 1997-2007

Blair encouraged ethnic pluralism, and immigration rose significantly during his reign.

11. Gordon Brown: 2007-2010

Brown was the last prime minister from the Labour Party. He left office after his party lost 91 seats during the 2010 general election.

12. David Cameron: 2010-2016

Cameron was the UK’s youngest prime minister since 1810. He resigned after the results of a referendum indicated that most of the nation favoured leaving the European Union.

13. Theresa May: 2016-2019

She was Britain’s second female prime minister. She resigned after struggling to obtain parliamentary backing for Brexit and was succeeded by Johnson 

14. Boris Johnson: 2019 to 2022

During Johnson’s tenure, the United Kingdom left the European Union (Brexit). The end of his spell was marred by controversies surrounding the coronavirus pandemic – which eventually led to his resignation.

15. Liz Truss: September 2022 to present

Truss previously served as the Foreign Secretary under Johnson’s administration. She was appointed two days before Queen Elizabeth II died, on 6 September 2022.

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