Spectacular Ways To Enjoy Plantain


Despite all these numerous benefits of plantain, most people only think of “dodo” i.e fried ripe plantains whenever this food is mentioned. Fried ripe plantains, however, is not the healthiest option when you want to eat plantain.

With this in mind, here are five other interesting ways to enjoy plantain.

Plantain pottage also called kekefia is a traditional dish that is indigenous to the people of Bayelsa state, Nigeria. This tasty and delicious meal is made with plantain, dried fish, scent leaf and palm oil and it is definitely an interesting way to enjoy plantain.

Ukodo is another plantain meal that is native to the Urhobo tribe of Delta state in the southern part of Nigeria. Ukodo is a plantain pepper soup dish that is best eaten on cold mornings.

For this meal, unripe plantain, sometimes mixed with yam, is cooked with pepper soup spices, goat meat or dried fish and some native spices.

If you want to have all the benefits of plantain without actually having to eat it the usual way, then Amala made from plantain should be your go-to meal. Amala, a meal indigenous to the Yorubas is made from plantain flour.

This can be prepared by mixing it with boiling water until it forms a thick paste and then it is usually eaten with Ewedu or any other kind of soup.

Another interesting way to enjoy plantain is making a plantain frittata. This is a delicious way to enjoy plantain and it involves plantain and eggs cooked slightly differently.

For plantain frittata, you cook fried plantains, eggs, vegetables and meat together in a baking dish as a casserole in the oven or on your cooking stove. The result is a delicious omelette that is perfect for breakfast.

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