Spanish Referee Who Issued 15 Yellow Cards In Argentina Vs Netherlands Game Sent Back Home


The referee who officiated the Argentina-Netherlands match, Antonio Mateu Lahoz has reportedly been sent home over some disturbing decisions he made in a World Cup game he recently officiated.

Lahoz was in charge of the Argentina clash vs the Netherlands on December 9th and he dished out an incredible 15 yellow cards.

His performance was not well received by either team – with Argentina’s players voicing out their frustration after the game.

Argentina’s captain and talisman, Lionel Messi, led the criticism of Lahoz following the game.

The 35-year-old said: ‘I think FIFA must take care of this, it cannot put a referee like that for a match of such magnitude, of such importance. The referee cannot fail to be up to the task.’

Argentina’s keeper, Emi Martinez joined his skipper in criticising the official’s display, tagging him “useless.”

Martinez said: ‘The referee was just giving everything for them.
‘He gave 10 minutes [added time] for no reason. He was giving free kicks outside the box for them, like two, three times. He just wanted them to score, that’s basically it. So, hopefully we don’t have that ref anymore. He’s useless.’

Despite their criticism of the referee, Argentina’s won the clash via a penalty shootout.

Lahoz has been sent home and won’t take part in the remaining four games in any capacity.

However, it’s not clear if his departure from the tournament is related to the Argentina vs Netherlands game.

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