Should Sex Be Scheduled?


Hello lovers, it’s another weekend. I’m looking forward to it. I don’t know about you. A lot of the time we make a list of the things we want to do at the weekend, but the weekend comes and goes and we are still left with our list unchecked. Unfortunately, this also affects our sex life… I know a lot of people don’t like the idea of scheduling sex. Sometimes it may just be what you need.

As much fun and exciting as spontaneous sex can be, our busy schedules can make that experience difficult to have.

Scheduled sex may seem rigid but it’s perfectly normal and sometimes it works better than spontaneous sex.

Scheduling time can be productive, especially these days that we all neglect connection in our busy lives. Making time for that is a wise and fun idea!

It gives you something to look forward to and gives you time to prepare to give and receive pleasure and attention. It can also be a time for bonding and rekindling lost intimacy and passion.

People who notice they’re moving apart from each other or haven’t shared intimacy in quite a while because of their busy lives can schedule it, at least that way they can plan something more convenient for them.

Since there’s no right or wrong amount of sex you should be having sex in a week, it’s up to each couple to decide for themselves how often to schedule it. This can start with an honest discussion about each person’s wants and needs.

People shy away from discussions about sex, but it is important. One person usually will express dissatisfaction, so before that becomes a crisis, reach out and talk to your partner about what you need. The more transparent you can be in your needs, the more you’ll get what you want.

Here are a few ideas for your scheduled time out:
– You may go to a hotel to have sex in a place you’ve never been before…

– Have sex on the living room floor…

– Try a new position…

– Go to a sex shop and buy some toys…

– Figure out what turns you on…

– Ask each other funny questions about sex…

Don’t limit yourself to what you’ve been doing before. It’s a way to play and do something different.

It’s not too late to schedule a sex timeout this weekend. Life is short, have fun while you can.

I would love to get feedback, questions and recommendations on the topics you would want me to shed light on.

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