Shame, misery as Pakistan floods leave many without toilets


The stench of decay hangs over a makeshift camp in Pakistan’s south, where hundreds of locals have sought shelter from the devastating monsoon floods that have put nearly a third of the country under water. In Punjab province, dozens of tents are perched in the area around a small rural railway station — the only dry land on a horizon of water, reached only by a sliver of road.

The odour is a heady mix of rotting vegetation from drowned crops, leftover food scraps and garbage — as well as the accumulated excrement of the hundreds of people and livestock gathered there. “There is no place for showering or going to the bathroom,” said Zebunnisa Bibi, forced to flee with her family two weeks ago when floodwater inundated her village.

Similar tent camps have mushroomed across the south and west of the country. The worst flooding in the country’s history has covered an area the size of the United Kingdom and affected 33 million people.


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