Sense Or Nonsense Bella Shmurda skirt to the BBN eviction show


Bella Shmurda trended yesterday for wearing a skirt to perform at the Big Brother eviction night. Musician, Bella Shmurda wore a skirt, a hoodie and a jacket with spikes. Many people online made fun of him. Here are some tweets;

The initial reprehension comes from the biblical admonition that men should not wear what belongs to a woman.

But there are many countries where men wear skirts.

In places like Scotland, Fiji, ancient Greece, Myanmar in South East Asia and even in some cultures in Nigeria, men tie wrappers that can be likened to skirts.

The culture of the place determines what men or women can wear. The norm in Nigeria and most places is men wear trousers. In Scotland, you probably wouldn’t be mocked for wearing a kilt.

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