Runs Girl Steals Client’s British Passport, Diamond, Gold


A runs girl, local name for a prostitute in Nigeria, has been caught after stealing the British passport, diamond and gold of his client.

In a video, which has since gone viral, a man was heard questioning the sex worker about his missing possessions.

According to the man who spoke largely in Yoruba, his British passport, gold and diamond ear rings got missing when he woke up the next morning.

While querying the lady about his missing items, she got offended and reminded him that she was skillful during the sex romp.

However, the man was persistent in the search of his valuables, while stating that the lady will not leave until he finds them.

Then he searched her bag, but did not find his items.

So he sought for her permission to check her body if she had hidden it, but she refused.

However, things got heated up when somebody in the background raised his voice and told the man (client) not to be gentle with her, but aggressive.

Then the lady sat down on the bed and the man started searching her body and found his items, where she hid them in different parts, including under her breast.

She hid the passport beside her vagina and the gold chain under her breast, but the earrings were found in a small space in her purse.

In annoyance, the man stated that he paid the runs girl the sum of N50,000 despite their initial agreement of N40,000.

Then he said he was going to call the police to arrest the lady for stealing his valuables.

The lady started begging that the man’s friend who was recording their altercation should stop.

The man noted that he would also post the video on social media if she doesn’t transfer back the N50,000 sent to her.

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