How Real Estate Turned My Life Around.


A Lagos-based entrepreneur, Ohi Bunmi Ozoya, has shared the story of how a venture into real estate changed his life.

After exploring several business opportunities, a Lagos-based entrepreneur, Ohi Bunmi Ozoya, decided to dive into real estate. Today, he is not regretting it. He a thriving firm Leadprime Properties to show for it.

True, he faced challenges, but a desire for success, pushed him on. The financial advisor said  there’s no success without challenges.

“At the beginning of the business getting access to funding was difficult, but this was because we put the cart before the horse, but we quickly realised that idea generation was more crucial than the process of looking for money. Great ideas attract funding,’’ he said.

His hard work reaped success. Currently, he oversees a team of professionals, trains and mentors them. What has helped him is increasing number of investors are always on the lookout for property agents or firms who are credible and can deliver on demand.

He added: “While studying in England for the ACCA exams and an MBA in the late 2000s, I was fascinated by the way the UK property market operated and how Nigerian and Ghanaian immigrants have managed to get a foot in the door and were making good money from it. However, I was shocked that the Nigerian property market was prevalent with woes of scams and unfulfilled promises. I had this inclination. I can come into the sector to make a difference. So, we came together to start our company to fill the trust gap in the market that is experiencing an upsurge in activities.”

The property consultant said trust is a challenge in the business space, and what stands a true entrepreneur out is trust. Ozoya said: “The watchword and motto for Leadprime Properties is inspired by a Russian proverb made famous by the former American President, Ronald Reagan: ¨doveryai, no proveryai, which means ´trust, but verify´ in English. We understand the business landscape, and we know the level of commitment it takes to deliver the best to our clients. This, we are prepared to do always.

“We understand that discerning and savvy investors always want to work with real estate experts who know their onions and use data to take decisions. Our services cut across different activities of the value chain, from operations to marketing and sales and after-sales.

“Our greatest achievement will always be giving our clients the best when we guide them through the purchase or selling process. Having satisfied customers is key to our continued existence as a company, and we will ensure we continue to maintain our high standards.

”He encouraged struggling entrepreneurs. ”You learn more about yourself and your business when the chips are down. I urge those that are struggling to view the hard work invested as your Research and Development fund. I say this because many large manufacturing businesses have huge R & D budgets. With these funds, they develop new patents and discoveries and in many cases make the business more money and keep them in business,” he said.

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