Places To Eat Delicious African Meals In Lagos


There are a lot of local delicacies and flavors, and you can access a wide variety of them at restaurants. Below are 5 places to eat delicious African meals in Lagos.

This restaurant is one of the foremost places that embrace Nigerian culture. Terra Kulture takes pride in serving aesthetic-looking and mouth-watering local dishes like ofada rice, pounded yam, catfish and boiled plantain.

The food court is decorated with hand-crafted African art furniture; the food and art displayed in the restaurant draw visitors in.

The Yellow Chilli’s menu offers exciting options such as Isi-Ewu, continental plates and a diverse menu that fuses the best of local and international cuisine. With two bars, a large dining area, a smaller private room and a terrace, The Yellow Chilli caters to any Lagos visitor’s food carvings.

NOK by Alara is a contemporary African restaurant and dining space which displays art from all over the continent.

They have an in-house Senegalese chef that aims to give you a good dining experience that celebrates the distinctive flavors from all over the African continent. They have an extensive menu with different flavors to help you feel at home.

If you have ever wanted to eat meat kebab, Suya, but on a different level, the University of Suya is perfect for you. They serve different flavors of Suya and are arguably the best Suya joint in Lagos, serving delicious and mouth-watering meat and Suya spice that’s the University of Suya.

Having been in business for over two decades, Jevinik Restaurant has undoubtedly built a name for being one of the top restaurants that serve good quality and tasty Nigerian meals.

With dishes like Abak, Afang Edikang Ikong, Editang, Afia Efera and specials like Mama’s delight, Fisherman soup, Uziza soup, Snail soup, White soup, Eforiro and Banga. This is definitely one spot where you can get sumptuous meals to suit your taste buds.

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