ÓWÓ MASSACRE: Lessons I learnt – Gov Akeredolu


The governor who lamented on the vulnerability of forests in South-West urged locals to inform appropriate authorities once they notice usual faces around their vicinity.

Akeredolu while fielding questions on Channels Television yesterday he said: “The lesson I learnt in Owo massacre was that information gathering is very paramount. If you see something, say something to arrest the situation.

“We will make our forest inhabitable for criminals but the forest is so large and these criminals know the forest more than Amotekun. So we are getting more hunters who also know these forests very well.

“All of us know that the secret of the tree tops is known to the monkeys. So hunters need to be part of Amotekun.

“The forest is vast, you can hardly cover it but at the end of the day, as we moved we were able to destroy some of their stands.

“It is most unfortunate that as we are moving to dislodge these people, people are coming again. You come to the street and see a trailer load of people coming and they are going nowhere. They just drop and move into the forest with arms and ammunition. It is not migration any longer. It is a threat for the lives and property of our people. So as much as we try to free our forest from these terrorist or bandits, these people are still coming in trailer loads.” Governor Akeredolu said.

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