Osama: Its difficult Finding find true love when you’re Famous — Osama


Jos-based comedian, Osama Akpunonu, better known as Osama, has said that fame makes it difficult to find true love.

The bearded comedian noted that fame would make people love one for what one is and not for who one is.

In an interview , he said, “I think fame makes it difficult for one to find true love. In most cases, they (lovers) don’t come for who one is but what one is. That is what I call ‘audio love’.”

On the biggest thing fame has done for him, the comedian said, “Fame has given me a certain level of influence which has translated to good opportunities.”

Osama maintained that the COVID-19 pandemic had only affected the flow of money, not his creativity.

He also called on the government and corporate brands to give more support to the comedy industry. He said, “From my perspective, the biggest challenge is support from big brands and the government. We need more of that.”

Though Lagos is regarded as the hub of entertainment in the country, Osama insisted that one didn’t have to live in the former nation’s capital to become a successful comedian. “I live in Jos and work all over Nigeria and outside the country as well. One doesn’t have to live in Lagos to succeed as a comedian.”

The comedian also recalled that a female fan once harassed him for months because she wanted to be his ‘baby mama’.

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