Nollywood Actor dismisses claim about his net worth


Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Yomi Fabiyi, has dismissed a claim about his net worth, age and marital status.

Reacting to a blog post claiming he is worth up to $2,500,000.

The blog post  alleged that the film star is married to Jimoh Grace and was born on May 31, 1983.

In a dismissal Instagram post on Monday, Fabiyi denied owning such an amount.

He also said he was born on May 1 and not May 31 as stated. He added that he is currently over 40 years and that “my marital status is wrong”.

Fabiyi called on the owner of the blog to adjust or take down the report.

“1. Net worth here is fake 2. Age is wrong 3. Marital status is wrong. 4. State of Origin is correct,” he wrote.

“Anyways, the focal point here is the net worth. Please, every actions and decisions taken on our behalf online have adverse effect I have never opened fake account in my life nor live a fake life. I travel with my truth, hardwork and guts only.

“I am no much fan of excessive or over-blown packaging. 2.5million dollars, kuku kee me. I am not hungry and I’m not full either. Please oh whoever put these kind of info up should take it down or edit net worth as ‘Moderate’.

“Again, I was born 1st of May and not 31st May. Moreso, I am over 40years. Most importantly, help adjust the dollar net worth asap. Kobo no dey ground oh. And must you use dollars for the packaging?”

Fabiyi recently revealed that his first and only marriage lasted for 10 years before they spilt.














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