Nigeria’s National Assembly Indicted Of Gross Violations in various Accounting records, Auditor-General queries over alleged N2bn mismanagement


The 2015 audit report prepared by the office of the Auditor-General for the Federation which is currently being considered by the Senate Public Accounts Committee has indicted the National Assembly of funds mismanagement amounting to N2bn during the fiscal year.

The document sighted on Friday indicted the management of the federal parliament of gross violation of the provisions of the Financial Regulations in their various accounting records.

The report also identified poor funds retirements/diversion, non-remittances of tax deducted from the staff to Federal Inland Revenue Service, irregular payment of allowances and keeping funds in commercial banks to attract commission, among others.

The report queried the management’s accounts for the House of Representatives which indicated the non-purchase of 14 out of the 48 units of utility vehicles awarded to three contractors at a cost of N624.3m.

The report read, “During the audit of the accounts of the House of Representatives, it was observed that contracts for the purchase of 48 units of utility vehicles were awarded to three contractors at a total contract sum of N624.377.503.30.

“Records, however, showed that the supply of 14 units of these motor vehicles was not made.

“The Clerk has been informed and requested to make these 48 vehicles available for audit verification; otherwise, he should recover monies paid for the outstanding 14 vehicles and forward the recovery particulars for audit verification.”

The report added that 50 cash advances for various amounts totalling N499.666,666.00 were granted to staff to carry out various assignments.

It added, “However, at the time of writing this report in August 2016, more than a year after, the advances have yet to be retired.

“Some of the officers were granted multiple advances without retiring the previous ones in violation of the financial regulations which provide that no new advance should be granted if the previous ones had not been retired.

“The Clerk of the National Assembly has been requested to recover the advances from the affected officers and furnish me (AuGoF) with the recovery particulars for audit verification.”

The report also stated that the Personnel Account maintained by the National Assembly management was overdrawn in two instances, which attracted a penalty of N8.8m in violation of the provisions of the Financial Regulations 710.

The report also queried the payment vouchers for amounts totalling N115.947.016 00 paid by the management within the first six months of the financial year 2015.

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