Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi, says she will never flaunt her future partner on social media.


In a now-viral video, the entertainer said she will keep her next relationship private so “jealous” people won’t destroy it like her first marriage.

She also recounted how random people emailed Justin Dean, her estranged husband, to condemn some of her videos on social media.

Korra said the emails also influenced her broken relationship with Justin.

“If I have another bae, I will never and ever put him online. You people will destroy it like you destroyed my first marriage,” the dancer said.

“I will hide it from you, you jealous goat mouth. I remember those times someone will go and email him and say look at what your wife is doing every day.

“How will he not run away? How will he not disappear? How will he not tell me ‘pack out of my house’ five days postpartum?”

In March, Korra and Dean announced their split.

The American had accused the entertainer of infidelity, narcissism, and accountability.

Korra, however, claimed that the problem in their marriage started when Dean began to feel entitled to the money she makes off her social media pages.

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