Nigerian Army Troops kill Kaduna based bandits leader, others in gun battle with terrorists


The troops of the Nigerian Army on Sunday killed one Kachalla Gadau, identified as a leader of a terrorist’s group in Kaduna State, according to a statement by the state government.

In a statement, Kaduna state commissioner for internal security and home affairs, Samuel Aruwan said Gadau was killed on Sunday during a gun battle between troops and bandits.

“Kachalla Gudau, a dreaded bandit who commanded a large number of foot soldiers carrying out kidnappings and killings in Chikun, Kachia and Kajuru LGAs, was among the bandits neutralized by troops of the Nigerian Army on Sunday, at Kankomi in Kaduna State,” the statement reads.

“Diligent exploitation of human intelligence networks corroborated other pieces of available intelligence, which confirmed that Gudau was indeed one of those felled by the bullets of the courageous troops as they repelled an attack led by the notorious bandit himself, ending his ignoble reign of brutality and evil.

“The remains of the notorious bandit – who is said to have links with other notorious kingpins across the North-West and North-Central states – were retrieved in the Kankomi Forest where he bled to death.

“Credible sources reported that after his remains were retrieved, a large number of bandits under his command buried him in a location said to be around Kaku Forest situated in Kaso general area of Chikun LGA.”

Aruwan also said the remains of another “bandit” found by troops after the operation were confirmed as that of “‘Rigimamme’, one of Gudau’s trusted criminal aides”.

“Gudau played leading roles in the joint kidnappings of students and expatriates in Kajuru, Chikun and Kachia councils, aside the murders of kidnapped citizens and victims who resisted abduction,” he added.

“Added to these nefarious activities, Gudau was engaged in coordinated attacks on herder settlements, disposing them of livestock, which made him the illegal possessor of large herds of cattle. These he regularly traded for amounts running into millions of naira.

“He also made deals for illicit drugs and acquisition of sophisticated arms and ammunition.

“The high point of his cattle rustling spree came in the first and second quarters of 2022, where in Kajuru LGA alone, Gudau and his partners rustled 1,600 and 3,332 cattle respectively, a total of 4,932 cows stolen in the first six months of 2022.

“With the ongoing aggressive kinetic operations, Gudau’s cattle rustling – in Kajuru LGA particularly – began to wane, as 132 cattle were rustled in the third quarter of 2022 (the period spanning July, August and September).

“The heat of the kinetic operations which denied his bandits freedom of action may have prompted the attack on the military base in Kankomi, where he met his waterloo.”

The commissioner added that the Kaduna government remains committed to improving security in the state.

Aruwan also described the “inglorious end” of Gudau as a “welcome development and a clear statement that those who pose a threat to security and safety will certainly have a date with history and will be made to face justice or their bitter end, no matter how distant it might seem”.

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