Networking Firms Use Fake Job Vacancies To Exploit, Lure Job Seekers


The streets of Ilorin and Ibadan in Kwara and Oyo states are lined with job vacancies, which findings show that many are fake.

To get first-hand information about their motives, the reporter took photos of such vacancies and called them seeking for work.

They generally responded by telling him to send his name, address, and the position he is applying for.  After which, a few minutes later, he would receive a congratulatory message telling him he has been shortlisted for a job interview.

When he got to one of the interview venues, he realised it was a seminar meant to get people to join a networking business, Neolife International, where they are to sell the GNLD products.  He had applied to be a Point of Sale (POS) stall attendant.

He met another lady Anna Modupeoluwa, who was also lured into attending the seminar by a fake photoshoot job interview.

“For the past one hour, I have been sitting here, and I didn’t understand what they were talking about. I am even scared I was like, maybe they are kidnappers or so. I don’t know. the thing is somehow ambiguous, ” she lamented.

Abeeb, on the other hand, said he saw a vacancy pasted on a  wall; when he got to the interview location, he was asked to pay N18,500.

This was for registration to get the health and lifestyle products which they are to sell.

Different people direct the reporter to the same location 

The first job vacancy reached out to was answered by a man referred to as Jamiu Neolife, who had put out an ad looking for a POS stall attendant. After receiving the details he requested, a few minutes later, he sent an interview address: “Offa Garage, Olaolu hospital, Chayoobi event centre, Agbadam road.”

Other job vacancies contact reached out to were answered by Akeem Pablo, GNLD Ruqoyat, and Mr Femi GNLD. These were the names showed when their numbers were searched on the Trucaller app.

They all said they have jobs to give and interestingly sent the same address that Jamiu sent as the venue for the interview.

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