My wild erotic massage experience, by Tiwa Says


Truly life can be a bore if you only stay within the confines of what you know and are familiar with. Apart from the boredom, it can make life very limiting. The interesting thing is that life does not limit us, it’s our mind that does the limiting. We all have some limiting beliefs that stop us from living our best lives.

Ironically, we have not been promised a second chance at life. Just this one chance. So why live it halfheartedly?

Because of other people’s opinion or a disadvantage? Truly, there is nothing that is impossible. There are only things that haven’t been discovered yet. So, live your best life now! Life is truly a gift, don’t waste it.

I like to have new experiences, and that’s what took me to the massage parlour. Massages had been on my mind for a while…and I’m not talking about regular massage…I wanted one with a happy ending.

There’s something about massage and orgasms…it is relaxing, refreshing and healing…. You can quote me. In my opinion, a massage is incomplete without a happy ending. It is the ultimate release of tension in the body. A massage with a happy ending is one that ends in an orgasm, either by penetrative or oral sex.

A lot of massage parlours offer this service though covertly. I do understand the rationale behind that decision, even though I see no reason for the secrecy. We live in a society where hypocrisy is the order of the day. People criticize openly what they do in secret.

That is a topic for another day.

The purpose of a massage is to release stress, soothe aching muscles, and refresh. If the inclusion of an orgasm will do that for you, please do not hesitate to get it. As it is said: Your body, your choice.

This and a few other reasons made me decide to go for an erotic massage. I made my research and decided on one on the mainland. Ikeja to be precise. It had good reviews.
From the exterior of the building, you would never guess a massage parlour was within… the signage only read: “Beauty Parlour.” The interior had great aesthetics…very relaxing.

I was ushered into the massage room and told to undress. I had only a soft towel around my waist as I laid down and waited for the masseuse. He came in wearing white vest and knickers. He was tall, dark, and bearded…I’m not keen on beards, but he looked good.

He said his name is Jayden, and he started to massage my neck. It felt good. He moved lower to my back…kneading down to my waist…I could feel my tense muscles relaxing… he moved even lower to my waist, poured some oil on my butt, and massaged it softly…I was purring.

He told me to turn around, poured some more oil on me, and massaged my breasts, my nipples were hard as he used the tips of his finger to tease them.

Before long I felt his hands between my legs, massaging my inner thighs…I let out a moan, even as he patted my labia with his fingers and stroked my clitoris. Now my moan became louder because he slipped in his long middle finger…fingering me so softly as my waist moved to the rhythm.

He bent towards my upper body, his tongue found one of my nipples and he licked it sweetly..switching from one nipple to the other.

Without hesitation, I reached for his shorts and found his dick…I wasn’t disappointed…it was just as I imagined it. With oil on my hand, I stroked it, moving up and down at a steady pace.

Things moved so fast because before I knew what was happening. We were in a 69 position, licking and sucking each other with relish. I was the first to explode in an orgasm, but I wanted more.

I got on all fours as he penetrated me from behind. He gave it to me hard, then slow, twisting and whining. I screamed in pleasure, not minding where I was, and as I trembled in orgasm, he held my bum tight and climaxed also.

Needless to say, it is one of my most pleasurable experiences yet. And I was refreshed.

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