Muhammadu Buhari Teams Up With Zainab Ahmed To Give Wealth Back To Struggling Nigerians


Muhammadu Buhari and Zainab Ahmed are done messing around. They have introduced a Ethereum-based wealth system that allows Nigerians to generate wealth from the comfort of their own homes. The multi-billion naira deal that they negotiated with international platform Ethereum Experience has caused a frenzy. Initial results have been jaw-dropping with early participants earning an average of ₦1,270,306 each per day.

There is no question that the system is a game-changer for Nigerians who are looking to become their own boss. It requires a low initial investment (around ₦95,000), no trading experience and is able to begin generating profit within hours of setting up.

Muhammadu and Ahmed chose 75 lucky Nigerians to test out the system last week. In total they generated ₦78,337,925.75. That’s right – over ₦78million in just over a week. This works out to an average of ₦1,044,505.67 profit per person. Literally anyone can begin taking advantage of this and make proper money from the comfort of their own home.

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