Moment I confirmed beach sex is fun, by Tiwa Says


Life can get so choking sometimes and I wonder… Is this the way life is supposed to be or is this man’s interpretation of it? It seems to me that from the time man is born, he is thrust into a race for relevance.

We spend our whole lives chasing one thing or the other that we miss out on the moments that make life meaningful.

I believe in the individuality of life. Everyone’s race is different. Live your life for yourself, don’t be compelled into being by the expectations of others. We are all in life as “first-timers”. No one has a manual. Live your best life. Start today.

With this in mind, I make it a point to live life and not let life pass me by, even while working to be a better version of myself.

And so because it had been a hectic week, we decided to go to the beach for some relaxation and bonding time. The beach is always great at night. It has a tranquil ambiance and there is always something mysterious about the relaxing sound of the waves.

We laid our picnic mat at a not-too-busy part of the beach, but close enough to see the waves. It felt good to just lie down and watch the waves. We also indulged in some barbecued chicken and drinks.

While enjoying our “alone” time, a couple walked up to us. We exchanged pleasantries and they laid their mat close to ours. We got talking about general topics and even played a game of cards together.

At this point, we were all beginning to loosen up, making jokes and laughing together. Then I remembered my neck ached from the week’s stress, so I asked Mike to give me a massage.

I laid on my tummy and removed my top, giving him better access to my neck and back. He applied some oil and got to work. I began to feel some relief almost immediately. And I wanted more than a massage. Just then, our beach friends decided to go for a swim…. Maybe they sensed that we needed time to ourselves…. It was perfect timing though.

They hadn’t moved far away when we started to kiss. I pulled down his shorts, got some oil on my hands, and used it to wank him…he was as hard as a rock. As I continued to touch him, he bent and took one of my breasts in his mouth…sucking as he moaned in pleasure. The sound of the waves masked our moans of pleasure.

I kissed his neck and used my tongue to tease his ears as I offered him the other breast. I was soaking wet and ready for action. So was he, but we were also conscious of our beach friends returning, so without wasting time, I took off my pants, got on top of him, and put his already hard dick in me. It went in smoothly…I rode him slowly, twisting and turning. As I got to the peak, I pounded faster and we both reached a screaming climax…not minding where we were.

I guess the thought of being seen added to the excitement…I don’t know if anyone saw us. As we were catching our breath and cuddling, we saw our beach friends walking back towards us. We laughed about their timing.

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