Meals You Probably Didn’t Know You Can Make With Honey


Unfortunately, when most people think of honey, they think of it only as a sweetener. It’s just something to add to cereal, oat, pap and maybe tea in some cases. The truth is that you can whip up a couple of yummy dishes with honey.

There’s just one reason you enjoy salads at restaurants or parties better than your homemade salad. It’s the dressing!

There are different types of honey salad dressing recipes that you can try out but one of the simplest is to combine honey with some mayonnaise. Add some drops of lime juice (optional) and salt. Mix well, serve with your salad and enjoy.

If you are a fan of chicken bbq, then you know that the best kinds are the ones with extra thick, sticky and caramelized sauce. A good way to achieve that is to try out any honey bbq recipe. Here’s a simple one.

Mix some honey, olive oil, garlic and ketchup in a pan, and heat it up for a bit. Mix some soy sauce and corn starch in a separate bowl. Add the paste to the mixture in the pan and heat it till it begins to thicken. Spread the mixture on your chicken marinade and grill or bake. There you go!

When you think of a healthy snack to enjoy every day, you think of granolas. To enjoy this snack better, you can make it into bars using honey to keep them glued together.

Mix some oats, eggs, butter and honey in a baking pan and bake. It’s as simple as that.

Honey can be used as a spread for bread, pancakes, etc. To enjoy it better, just mix some honey and butter for a perfect creaminess.

You probably know about honey cake already but you just haven’t tried it yet. Honey cake is all about replacing the sugar in your cake with honey. The unique flavor of honey will take the taste of your cake to another level.

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