Life is all about intentionality, live wisely


In the last couple of years, I have come to realise that life should be deliberately lived, not haphazardly or carelessly lived.

God who created the universe was deliberate in The choice of His creation. He purposely created light first, not waiting for all other things to be in place before He created light.

That is what is called priority; he set things in particular order to ensure sequence and orderliness in the function of the universe and the importance of each creation was established by the order of creation.

We all know that without light, it would be difficult for life to blossom and flourish. So the choice of light first gives us the understanding that knowledge comes first before any other issues of life.

That you must have illumination before you can proceed to perform any major feat in life. We have seen that demonstrated in the way the economy of nations is growing, not on manufacturing or production of materials but through the knowledge economy.

The most resourceful entities in the world today were created by understanding of the light, which is knowledge and this has transformed the way we relate, doing business and engaging with the rest of the world.

God also made the intentional choice of separating the firmament and the water below it to enhance and demarcate His own abode and His creations’ locations.

It is important we are intentional about the course of our life, our focus of study, career choice, and most importantly, our choice of who we want to live the rest of our life with.

Marriage is important to the success and failure of a man or woman; the choice of marital partner could determine how far you can go in life.

If you ever have the misfortune of marrying the wrong person, then you may live the rest of your life in miserable adventure, the same thing for the choice of where to live and the type of job you settle for. The huge cost to your success can only be imagined if you by any other means make the wrong choice.

Be intentional about where you’re located at every point in time. Don’t be in a location you ought not to be. Remember the story of Abraham and Isaac during the famine in their time. Abraham migrated to Egypt with his wife from the land God has promised him, he almost lost everything to such decision. Isaac also would have made the same mistake, but God prompted him to remain in the land.

Never join the bandwagon of the ‘japa’ syndrome, stay where God wants you to be and prosper in the land.

That does not mean that those who are migrating are not intentional about their decisions. Nonetheless, focus on your own goal and not the goal of your friends, Neighbours, or other people within your circle of influence.

I have a friend who intentionally positioned himself for relocation because all his life he had wanted to create the opportunity for his children to have the advantage of dual citizenship and he worked towards that and achieved it.

But do not do it because you just think life would be better elsewhere and the fact that others are doing it, so you must. Have a vision that will prompt you to go in the direction of your dream and intentionally pursue that which will bring about the realization of your goals.

The kind of person you married, just like any other major decisions you will make in the course of your journey in life will either make or mar your life purpose. Samson readily comes to mind here and he was unable to realise the purpose of God for his life because of the choice of the woman he married.

Never marry a woman because of her beauty nor marry a man because of his wealth, rather marry that man or woman because she or he has something good to add to your life goal. Also, be intentional about the type of relationship you keep or the kind of crowd you roll with.

Life is not frivolous, you can’t afford to align yourself with people who do not share the same ideology, perspective, and life view with you; they will soon dissipate your energy, distract you from reaching your goal, or won you over to their failing side.

With the kind of food you eat, you must be intentional about them all, because your health depends largely on your lifestyle. What you load your system with has major repercussions for your state of health and as the popular saying goes, ‘health is wealth,’ if you lose your health, you lose everything.

Also be intentional about exercising your body, therein lies your strength because your body is made to move to the rhythms of life, so be intentional about bodily exercise because they profit at least little. Gain that little profit for the sake of your good health, and sound mind and you will be better for it.

Be intentional about everything you do, and never take your words for granted or your thought because there are more to who you’re and your word speak volume about your person.

Measure what you say or commit to writing to people, the manner of your communication could make or mar your tomorrow. Things you say, do, or write about have a way of coming back to help or hurt you in the future. Many are leaving in regret today because of what they have said or done in the time past.

Intentionally tame your anger because anger dwells in the bosom of fools, never respond to issues on impulse but take your time to respond to whatever circumstance and situation you find yourself in.

Nothing about life is permanent, your circumstance today is temporary and make sure that you’re not stuck in a spot, keep taking steps toward your life goal no matter what happens to you or what you are going through.

Be intentional about your faith, many have made the shipwreck of their faith simply because they were carried away by the flow of life. Your faith is the oxygen that your life requires to function efficiently and effectively, be proud to proclaim who you serve in the open and let the whole world know who you are and whose you are.

When it comes to faith, there is no sitting on the fence, chose the one who you will serve and let your whole being be a reflection of your faith.

Be charitable and never neglect to support the poor; this is your spiritual obligation that has enormous rewards attached to it.

Take an inventory of your life at each stage of your life; this will allow you to adjust where necessary and improve on your goals. Examine everything you’ve done and are still doing to evaluate whether you’re truly living according to your purpose or not.

If your lifestyle does not align with your life purpose and goal, then take a step back and make the necessary adjustments and restate your value to ensure that you stay on track and at peace with yourself in the future.

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