Kizz Daniel: Baggage of Superstardom.


Undoubtedly the rave of the moment, but his tremendous ego, indiscretion seems to have gotten the better part of him so much so, he’s become known for huge avoidable and grave unprofessional blunders thus eroding goodwill. With troubling reports of Kizz Daniel’s arrest  in Tanzania on Monday for failing to show up at a high-powered concert he was billed to headline over a Chain and Costume Although he offered a free gig, Adedayo Adejobi is worried that perhaps, there are forces working against this young artist with so much talent and promise.


I have never seen a Nigerian so freakishly talented yet, mastered the art of self-sabotage. His arrogance reached high lows when he stood up VIP Guests at a $60,000 fully-paid-for gig, in Tanzania and refusing to perform on the rather flimsy excuse that the airline did not bring the bag containing his Gold Chains and Clothes.


For that singular reason, he insisted and didn’t perform even after Ojiekhudu  begged Kizz Daniel to show up at the concert and also called Nigerian music Executive Paul O to speak with the singer on phone. That excuse doesn’t sit well with many Nigerians, neither does it make sense. How do you defend that?


How do you set out to ruin someone else’s business and reputation in a foreign land! Not a good way to treat a Nigerian brother who has put food on your table, and is equally trying to find his feet. It is indeed the height of wickedness!


If truly, his highly priced Clothes and Chains are of great importance and value to the  all-important gig and his optimum performance, they should be in his hand luggage. Except there is something he isn’t telling the fans and his management, all else don’t add up.

According to an African Proverb, Those whom the gods will kill, the gods will first make deaf’’. This quote, unfortunately speaks to the case of Kizz Daniel who is known not to listen advise. Like the iconic Frank Sinatra, of all the shady stuff that happen off-stage where he is delivering memorable hits, one part of that is Kizz Daniel’s temper.

The insistence on not performing unless he sees his accessories, raises many  questions. Could the Gold Chain be Daniel’s good luck, hynotising, Do- as- I-Say, or power and authority charm? How is the Chain to aid his performance? Or have his village people followed him to Tanzania? It seems there is more than meets the eye, on this mysterious Chain and costume drama. If not, the excuses for not performing at a paid-for gig , does not make sense. Only Kizz Daniel understands.

We all know that some celebrities are arrogant. Kanye West, Justin Bieber amongst the long list are known to be arrogant, but they don’t joke with their businesses, nor fail to show and perform at gigs. Kizz Daniel, the younger Nigerian counterpart, who luckily, is the darling of the moment, is fast becoming popular on account of being, probably, if they made a scale to denote arrogance in a person, it would go from 0 to Kizz Daniel.


Although the pop star rose to fame at a very young age, and as such, he is about as entitled as they come. Even if you set aside his obnoxious, underwhelming music, Daniel has a list of appalling behavior in his wake. Abusive to fans and a spoiled brat through-and-through, there is no way Tanzania would not have happened. It was just a matter of time.


For an artiste with a track record of getting fully paid for gigs and not showing up, the Tanzania experience being the third publicly reported case in 2022, shows that his cup just got full. For an artiste looking to build a name to last a lifetime, that seriously tarnishes a legacy.

July 8, 2022 is not a day Kizz Daniel would forget swiftly on a USA tour, specifically because he was hit with outrage and criticisms for not showing up five hours later than performance time to one of the booked shows for his USA tour, only to perform for a few minutes. The livid crowd who had waited anxiously and patiently couldn’t bare his arrogance any longer, so much so, cups and objects were pelted at him on the stage as they screamed at the top of their voices for a “refund” over a rather short and poor outing.

In 2017, Kizz Daniel’s onetime record label G-Worldwide, dealt with a recurring issued they faced. The general accusation was that he was on several occasions refusing to attend some events, based on his own volition, even though his management had approved them.

According to his former record label, ‘Kiss Daniel, made it a habit to turn up at events late or not at all, always blaming the label for his truancy”.

Quite a handful of show promoters have over time complained about Kizz Daniel’s indiscretion, extreme arrogance and rather unprofessional work ethic, especially after getting paid for gigs and getting him the choicest accommodation. Whilst some show promoters have complained endlessly, some have had to at some point engage him in near fisticuffs for shunning events he was billed to perform.

Don’t get fooled! One would think his truancy is limited not to his record label and his clients. For industry bigwigs, he has at one point or the other, also stood them up, and/or expressly shunned.

Failing to appear at Reekado Banks’ album listening party and Legendary, yet humble Tuface Idibia’s Buckwyld ‘n’ Breathless concert; is a further attestation to his skin-deep ego, even after Tuface Idibia had provided two separate accommodations for him and his manager at Eko Hotel and Suites. In this case, Tuface Idibia and his manager were stood up from 6 pm till 1 am the next day, on claims that the ‘Superstar’ was on his way, but he never showed up. What a way to develop a contentious relationship with his primary constituent!

In 2018, Stand-up comedian, radio presenter and actor, Justice Nuagbe, popularly known as Ushbebe, also bore the brunt of Kizz Daniel’s excesses, where he stood up the comic actor at the Chronicles of Ushebebe show, and Soundcity’s 2016 MVP Awards, amongst many other notable events.

In 2015, Kizz Daniel was reported to have shunned his father’s burial, alleging that his then record label prevented him from attending the funeral. This was debunked by the label, who claimed that they had accompanied him on the trip back home and had paid for his hotel accommodation. Still, Kizz refused to attend his own father’s burial on the premise that he believed that his family was fetish.

What the Likes Kizz Daniel have caused the former Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture in Lagos, Mrs. Shuli Adebolu, in reputational loss, money cannot buy. Her job with Governor Sanwo Olu, on account of the fact that Kizz Daniel and a few other notable artistes were paid to perform at the yearly 2019 Greater Lagos Fiesta sponsored by Lagos in 2019, and didn’t, was cut short.

In Shuli’s case and like most cases, Kizz had been fully paid, just not to show up on the day he was to perform at the event. This drew the ire of the sitting Governor who later sacked the former Commissioner on account of this.


For some who had worked with some of the fortune 500 companies across the world, to be rubbished by the ilks of Daniel Anidugbe, aka Kizz Daniel, her reputation on the job no doubt suffered a huge blow.


In a related development which surfaced online on Tuesday, the Nigerian Police Force has Slammed Kizz Daniel for seizing laundry bus for allegedly damaging his clothes while rendering services to him in Lagos State.


The state Police Public Relations Officer, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, confirmed the incident, adding that Kizz Daniel took the law into his hands.

He said, “He unlawfully seized a laundry company’s vehicle. The police went there, recovered the vehicle and invited him over to make a statement as to what happened. We are still expecting him but his lawyer said he would come on Tuesday.


“It is criminal to seize people’s property against their will and the proper thing is prosecution. Nobody should take the law into their hands by seizing anybody’s property. If you are aggrieved or somebody has offended you, seek appropriate redress.


With his ego bearing footprints in almost all facets of his life, In 2016, the ‘Woju’ breakout star Kizz Daniel was on Channels TV’s ‘Rubbin Minds’  where he addressed a number of issues from his album, his next rated Headies 2016 nomination, music as well as the ongoing controversy regarding his age. Ebuka the presenter had asked a question about his age,when Daniel arrogantly refused to reveal his real age saying “my age is my business”.


Like a reporter, Ebuka pressed on, only for Daniel to say he would issue a Press Statement on his age. What a response!


His ignorance, arrogance and lack of tact in answering questions, made him look so stupid and caused him so much that year.


The ilks of Kizz Daniel, are the reasons why some foreigners deal with Nigerians from a distance. At a time the country is boiling, and Nigerian athletes are rekindling hope in the Nigerian spirit, home and abroad, Kizz Daniel’s sheer stupidity, arrogance, indiscretion if not curtailed will boomerang.


Although Daniel may have breached legally binding contractual agreements, the good news is that, he has offered the aggrieved promoter a repeat free show. Hopefully, he has learned his lesson


A close look on Michael Jackson’s life, it is instructive to note that his life was difficult. In spite of that, he was humble and that’s the reason he is one of the greatest musician of all the time, and still in our hearts.


One thing Kizz Daniel needs to know is that the music business is a a marathon and not a sprint. It is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. He wouldn’t have the spotlight on him for the rest of his life. He needs to build character, good work ethic and respect for all he comes across, else when the fame, fortune and accolades wane, the negative side is lonesome.


The arrogant ‘Buga’ Crooner who stood up his fans in Tanzania is not the one Nigerians love.

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