Joseph Edgar:‘Anonymous Nipples’ is a serious attempt at addressing issues of communication between responsible couples and true seekers of inner peace




Author, Joseph Edgar, fondly called The Duke of Shomolu speaks to BnlPulse on his new book ‘Anonymous Nipples’, the naked truth. Excerpts from the interview ……

What is the unique essence of the book ‘Anonymous Nipples’?
Annonymous Nipples is a bedside compendium that addresses the very strategic issues of communication between responsible couples

What is the Inspiration behind it?
When I produced Jude Idada’s Play- 3SOME, a Play that touched very vividly, issues that we could consider taboo. Issues like nudity, forbidden love, incest, kinky sex and self-love.

We got tremendous feedback that there was a gaping hole in society as people didn’t even know how to address these issues,and in turn continued to suffer broken relationships all because they could not communicate with each other.

Couples didn’t know each others preferences, they didn’t know how to engage themselves and this has led to the problems, that is practical indiscretion at the best and outright breaking down in these relationships as a result.

We got a lot of requests for the Play to come back. Also a lot of request for more information on these matters. This is why we are bringing ‘Anonymous Nipples’ as a bedside compendium of explanations and truth-based discussions on issues that would generate and lead conversations,which hopefully would lead to better communications amongst responsible adults.

What are the issues raised and discussed in the Book?
Very critical and adult issues like the growing popularity of sex toys in our lives today, the growing phenomenon of same sex relations despite legislation against it, masturbation, body image issues especially amongst our women folk and other such exciting and usually engaging topics that we however remain shy to discuss.

Are they erotic stories?
No sir. They are matters of fact engagements that should generate and lead discussions in the bedroom. We have Dr. Ibiene Ogolo, Legendary Actress Regina Askia, influential Media Personality Azuka Ogujiuba, iconic Actress Elvina Ibru and an annonymous personality that we will call Mrs X, delved into some issues that will blow open the space and engage readers.

We also had Nigeria’s leading Sexologist Soul Spice contribute a deep essay in the Book.

What’s the pagination and is it a breezy read?
For now we are working on about 100 pages because they will be interspersed by some of the most powerful boudoir pictures contributed by two of the most talented and leading Boudoir Photographers in Nigeria- Ibi Sofekun and Femi Olude.

We also have the wonderful Marvellous Dominion grace the cover. If you remember she was the electric character in 3some. She is reprising her role here but this time in print.

Aren’t you bothered that the book might be misunderstood as porn?

This book is not porn. Its not erotic and should not be saddled into that genre. It’s a serious attempt at engaging ourselves. An attempt to engender discussions around issues that we rather not talk about or at best whisper them in darkened beer parlours or in beauty salons without really having the discussions with those who matter the most- our partners.

This is why we call it the naked truth and it is actually for the bold and courageous seeking to maintain not only sexual bliss in their relationships but also engendering healthy and beautiful relations with their partners. Its a must read for true seekers of inner peace.




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