Jennifer Lopez Confirms Milky Nails Are the New French Manicure


For her second marriage celebration with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez remained as true to herself as she did at her previous wedding   in Las Vegas. And we’re not just referring to her gorgeous Ralph Lauren design (and its feathered train), but her bridal manicure.

While most brides opt for a discreet French manicure with short nails to say “I do,” the singer chose to wear them very long and sharp, painted in a semi-transparent, almost white tone that saw her adapting the milky nails trend to her personal style. Characterized by sheer white tones with a glossy finish, the milky nail look supplies a more natural effect; one that looked beautiful against Lopez’s glowing skin, bright wedding gown, and diaphanous tulle veil on her big day.

While milky nails are usually worn short, JLo chose to keep her usual long and almond-shaped nails. The results were reminiscent of Victoria Beckham’s manisure at the Jacquemus fashion show. While the nude manicure Lopez wore during her recent vacation in Capri might have been a more traditional option for her big day, the milky nails were a perfect choice. Our verdict? Long milky nails are perfect for brides who want to embrace wedding white and their inner diva.

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