I’ve been trying to divorce Kim for two years – Kanye


Multiple Grammy award-winning musician, Kanye West, says he has been trying to divorce his TV reality star wife, Kim Kardashian-West since she met with rapper Meek Mill in a hotel two years ago.

Kanye, who is running for the President of the United States, said this in a series of tweets on Wednesday.

The musician, who has been married to Kim since May 2014, also attacked her mother Kris Jenner, accusing her of being a white supremacist.

Kanye, who suffers from bipolar disorder, has been in the news for the wrong reasons since his controversial Presidential rally in South Carolina last week.

The 21-time Grammy Award-winning artiste tweeted, “I have been trying to get divorced since Kim met with Meek at the Warldolf for prison reform.”

Both Meek Mill and Kim attended a Criminal Justice Reform Summit in Los Angeles in 2018 but it was at the Jeremy Hotel rather than the Waldorf in Beverly Hills which Kanye appeared to be referring to, leaving the nature of the meeting unclear.

In his tweets, Kanye said, “Meek is my man and was respectful… that’s my dog”, without elaborating further before he veered off into his $5bn wealth and a reference to Michael Jackson.

The musician, who has four children with Kim, later deleted his tweets.

According to the UK SUN, the couple has been living separately for some time.

Last week the musician sparked off a controversy when he claimed civil rights hero, Harriet Taubman, did not actually help in freeing black slaves during the 19th century as is commonly believed

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