iPhone 14 Cameras: 48MP Sets the Pro Apart


All of the lenses are backed by 12MP sensors, the same as with the iPhone 13 series. Sensor-shift stabilization is new, though, and should result in steadier handheld video, as well as clearer results when using the low light Night mode. The main rear camera also sports a slightly brighter f/1.5 aperture, but the difference in its light-gathering capabilities versus the iPhone 13’s f/1.6 lens is negligible.

Computational photo modes continue. The aforementioned Night mode is there for taking pictures on dimly lit street corners. You also get a portrait mode for blurred-background snapshots with adjustable bokeh and lighting effects.

For video, the basic iPhone 14 models support 4K60 recording in SDR or Dolby Vision HDR, the same as last time. Cinematic mode gets an upgrade, though. The feature made its debut last year and brings the bokeh effect to video, but was limited to 1080p24 with the 13 series. With the iPhone 14 it gets an upgrade to 4K, and you can pick between the classic 24fps look or more video-like 30fps, both with Dolby Vision color.

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