Health Benefits Of Palm Wine


It is more than just a refreshing drink that has a sweet taste when freshly tapped, it contains rich nutrients that provide the body with lots of amazing benefits that cannot be ignored.

These are some of the health benefits of palm wine

1. Palm wine improves eyesight.

It contains vitamin C- also known as ascorbic acid- and vitamin B1- known as thiamine- which helps in improving eyesight.

2. Palm wine can help fight against cancer.

Palm wine contains antioxidants like vitamin B2 called riboflavin that help prevent free radicals from damaging the cells in the body and fight cancer.

3. Palm wine helps in maintaining healthy hair and skin.

Palm wine contains iron and vitamin B complex that is needed for healthy skin and hair.

4. Palm wine promotes the production of breast milk in lactating mothers.

It has been found to help lactating mothers who suffer limited breast milk production. Palm wine has long served as a beverage for lactating mothers.

5. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Research shows that heart failure and some other cardiovascular diseases can be regulated by drinking a considerable amount of palm wine.

6. Palm wine helps in building body structures.

Protein is one of the crucial nutrients that the body needs to function optimally. Palm wine has a very high content of amino acid which acts as the building block of protein.

7. Palm wine helps in treating malaria.

Palm wine is combined with some other local herbs in treating malaria and the effect is very amazing.

Palm wine is undoubtedly good for the body, with just some of its health benefits listed above. However, it can also be very detrimental to the health when consumed in excess, especially when it is fermented. Fermented palm wine contains a large quantity of alcohol and can lead to the destruction of the lung, liver, kidney, and some other vital organs.

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