Hair ideas for concerts, festivals and other events this year


With the promise of a party always around the corner, it is easy to just focus on the outfit and leave the hair in a particular style for a while. So, we are going to make sure your hair is the right fit for any event you go to.

I always allow the neckline of my outfit to guide my hairstyle. If I have a high neckline, I put my hair up. For something strapless or anything with exposed shoulders or a plunging neckline, I like it free flowing,” says Lacy Redway, celebrity hair artist. There’s no reason you shouldn’t do the same.

Use a scarf with a similar fabric or with a contrasting fabric that blends well with your outfit and weave it through your hair. To prevent it from unraveling, use an elastic to secure that scarf before styling it with a braided updo, or use a small safety pin to tie it as a bow for a ponytail.

These floral accents stick to your hair all night thanks to lash glue. You can use your favourite fresh flowers or artificial flowers, scatter them randomly all over your hair. The beauty of this style is that you only have to spray a bit of water and comb them out after a few minutes.

Accentuate your braided half-up hairstyle with celestial bobby pins. These sparkly pins are elegant if you are at an indoor event at a high-end place and are fun for the outdoors. You can add them to any hair length and style.

This can be used for a sharp and fierce look or a loose breezy effect. Go for the single braid when your outfit is a backless dress or high neckline dresses.

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