Glad my mother no longer in my life – Temmie Ovwasa


The 25-year-old singer made this known in Question and Answer session on her instastory. A fan asked her how difficult it was to break off relationship from her mother.

Temmie noted how her mother and other women are caught up in lies, abusive cycle and toxicity they contribute to child’s development in a bid to be a good mother.

She claimed:” I’m not a fan of pretentious words, you know it’s invasive, I’m not offended tho, I just think words have meaning and the first line is not necessary. “Some days are easier than others, but the older I get the more I realise that she and a lot of women like her are too caught up in the lies, abusive cycles and toxicity they contribute to, be good mothers to their daughters.

“I’m glad she’s no longer in my life but I mourn the person I would have been if she didn’t traumatize me so much

“It took me years to finally cut her off, a very difficult process but I’m healing and mothering myself like I deserve to be mothered.”

Answering to another question by a fan who asked “what was her mother reaction when she found out about her sexuality”

The ybnlprincess wrote: “She found out when I was young actually, I was always writing love letters to girls, I didn’t know I was supposed to hide it, she took me for deliverance sessions, I’ve lost count of how many times they laid hands on my head for God to “deliver” I’m still a Coochie muncher so obviously God didn’t think that was necessary”

Temmie finally hinted her relationship with Olamide for responding to a question where a fan asked, “if you could reverse time will you still love to work with Olamide”

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