Four Things You Probably Missed About Popular Nigerian Dancer, Kaffy


Ground-breaking, award-winning, world-class Nigerian dancer and choreographer, Kafayat Oluwatoyin Ameh, popularly known as Kaffy, born 30th June 1980 is widely known for her passion for dancing. She has since put this burning passion of hers to great use since 2002 when she decided to pursue it fully.

She is admired by many for the transformation of her passion into an avenue for world-class entertainment and development of both young and old. Although she wanted to become an aeronautical engineer, for circumstances stemming from the hard knocks of life, she decided to focus on dancing and empowering people through it.

Kaffy shot into the limelight after breaking the Guinness World Record for ‘Longest Dance Party’. She is happily married to her loving husband, Joseph Ameh and they are blessed with two kids.

  1. She Was “Dis-daughtered” By Her Father

Kaffy narrated how she was disowned by her father in one of her interviews saying, “It all got to that part where I was dis-daughtered, I lost friends. I had friends who said “My mother said we should not play with you again because you are a dancer”… I chose dance when it was socially, culturally, religiously not acceptable to be a dancer. Dance had almost zero economic value.” Following the remarkable highlight she had set foot in since 2006, her dad became proud of her and said, “That’s my daughter!”. He also encouraged her to keep dancing.

  1. She Was Separated From Her Sister For 22 Years And Later Got Reunited Through Facebook

In her book, Alajota, she narrated how she was disconnected from the last born of her family for 22 years. At nine months old, the girl was nowhere to be found. They were not together for years but after she broke the Guinness World Record and the news went viral, her sister used Facebook to trail her down and they got reunited after a long period. Kaffy regards Facebook as a tool to bring the world together.

  1. She Battled Depression At A Point In Her Life

Kaffy has always buttressed on how dance has empowered her and made her into whom she is today. One of the ways is that dance helped her “tackle depression”. With all the family drama she had going on at the time, she fell into depression, but with dance, she was able to overcome it. She once said, “Dance continues to remind me that you should not let your problem define you”, and she was able to overcome her depression.

  1. She Has A Convenient Accommodation For Her Dancers

Apart from being a dancer, choreographer and fitness coach, Kaffy is also a humanitarian and philanthropist. She owns a duplex in Lagos, Ajah area to be specific and has since let her dancers occupy the place, both male and female. She has also taken it upon herself to always stock up the kitchen with food items for the dancers and some other visitors. One of the dancers even testified to it saying, “She is being a nice boss to us. In fact, she has been responsible for our upkeep right from the first day we all got here.”

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