Foreplay Tips And Ideas For Intense Sex


Foreplay is very key to having a pleasurable sex experience, especially for a woman. For most men…a hard-on is all that’s needed to get going…because men are visual.

This could be triggered by either what he sees or just the thought of sex, but for a woman, it’s not so easy, she needs prepping.

I get a lot of complaints from women about their partners going straight for penetration after very little or no foreplay at all. This makes the experience unpleasant and sometimes painful for the woman.

A woman needs to be well lubricated before penetration…and I’m not talking “saliva” or “artificial lubricators”. I’m talking about a woman’s natural sex juices that flow when she’s sexually turned on. When the woman is “wet”, it makes sex enjoyable for the couple.

Foreplay is not a quick pre-sex requirement. It’s part of the whole experience.

Here are a few tips that could get your woman begging for more

1. Talk: Communication during sex is a big turn-on for most women. Dirty talk especially can be fun for both parties. Moaning and groaning are also fun when it doesn’t sound fake. Besides, when you are vocal about what you want…even if it’s playfully…you end up getting exactly that.

2. Kissing: It is one of the fastest ways to connect with your partner. Passionate kisses can start you off on the right part to great sex.

3. Men, you need to spend time on the boobs! Sucking, licking and caressing. Men often focus on other areas during foreplay…giving the boobs a “hello, bye” treatment. Most women would love for their boobs to be sucked and caressed for a longer time during foreplay.

4. Be gentle with your fingers and mouth. Whether you are sucking on the clit or the nipples…easy does it. The nipples and clitoris are very sensitive organs and respond better to soft gentle touches, caresses and kisses. Most men are rough when fingering. It is not about force. It’s more about knowing where and how to touch, and keeping that tempo until the woman suggests otherwise. When done properly, the woman can have multiple orgasms even before penetration.

5. A lot of women find being undressed a huge turn-on.

6. Don’t rush the process. Except you are having a quickie…which shouldn’t be all the time…rushing the process kills the fun and makes sex less pleasing.

7. I know women are better at multitasking, but men can try it too. When your mouth is busy on the boobs, your fingers can also be busy down there.

8. Show appreciation. A woman is not going to wear lingerie just for the sake of it. So if she has it on, it’s for you. Take time to appreciate the effort.

8. Tongue play. Tongue and ear play can be sexy and fun, but too much of it can be distasteful. It is also important to note that not everyone is into it. Neck kisses are also very pleasing..soft and gentle is the key word here for both acts.

10. Experiment with toys. A good vibrator can take a woman’s arousal from 0 to 100 in a very short time. There are so many toys to choose from, to try together.


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