Foods To Avoid If You Want To Perform Your Bedroom Duties Better


If you have been battling with low sex drive and you seem to have tried everything possible to increase it, you might be leaving out your diet.

Studies have shown that food and sex have a long history. Your sexual desires have a lot to do with your performance in the bedroom. Sexual desires are controlled by what is known as the libido (sex drive). If you already have a low libido, you need to stay away from certain foods to increase it.

To help you make sure your romantic evening isn’t cut short because of a low libido, we’ve put together a list of foods you need to avoid. Here are foods to avoid if you have low libido.

Alcohol may work to give you “liquid courage” to approach someone at the bar, but it can seriously damage your ability to perform. This is because heavy drinking can lead to lower testosterone and higher estrogen levels. According to studies, excessive drinking can cause erectile difficulties in men or trouble achieving an orgasm, in both men and women.

Chocolates are good for you but when they are too much, it lowers your libido. While delicious, chocolate is full of methylxanthines, which can make us lethargic and sleepy, naturally lowering your sex drive. Chocolate makes women feel sleepy during sexual activities, thereby, temporarily lowers their sexual drive and libido.

If some of your favorite meals are fried, they may be tasty but they go a long way to affect your libido. The trans-fat found in most fried foods is known to decrease the libido in both men and women by increasing abnormal sperm production in men and interferes with gestation in women.

You’ve probably heard of the infamous “sugar crash,” and it’s the last thing you want to happen when it’s time to get in the mood. Sweets causes your blood sugar level to spike, both your energy and your blood sugar then fall dramatically, increasing fatigue, food cravings, and brain fog. Not surprisingly, you might not have the focus and energy required for a dynamic sexual experience.

Cheese is delicious, especially when you have a carefully selected a platter, it can mess with the hormones of both men and women, affecting testosterone and oestrogen, which in turn lowers the libido.

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