Fire Guts Ondo Broadcast Station


The fire, which erupted on Sunday morning, was said to have affected some offices on its first floor

Men of the Ondo State Fire Service who responded to the distress call were said to have put out the fire and stopped to from spreading to the studio.
The complex housed three stations of the media group and is the headquarters of the state government-owned broadcast media, the OSRC.
Adebayo said there was no human casualty and that operational facilities including transmitters and studio equipment at the OSRC TV, Orange FM and Alalaye FM were intact.

“Following a comprehensive review which certified that the transmission operations of the stations of the Ondo State Radiovision Corporation can recommence after the unfortunate fire incident of the early hours of today Sunday, November 27, the Management of Ondo State Radiovision Corporation has directed a gradual resumption of transmission for the three services.

“In this regard, the Sunshine 96.5FM Alalaye will resume at exactly 12pm today. This is to be followed in sequence by Orange 94.5FM and the Television services respectively,” he said.

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