films & Series That Portray Queen Elizabeth II


In her lifetime, the revered Queen’s life and family was frequently portrayed in films and TV shows, from dramas to comedies and documentaries.

Here are seven critically acclaimed films and shows that feature fictional or actual events of the Queen’s life and family.

The Crown (2016 till date)

The six-season series from Netflix is arguably the most successful TV show based on Queen Elizabeth II.

Written and produced by Peter Morgan from his drama film ‘The Queen’, the show follows the reign of the Monarch. Since premiering in 2016, the series has been nominated for 423 awards, winning 129.

2. The Queen (2006)

Starring Dame Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II, the Peter Morgan scripted drama follows the monarch’s attempt to deal with a series of events sparked by the death of Princess Diana.

3. Spencer (2021)

While the Pablo Larraín directed historical fiction psychological drama is based on Princess Diana, it is set on a fictional account of a critical and mentally grueling period of Princess of Wales’ life as she considers divorcing Prince Charles and leaving the British royal family.

The relationship between the Queen and Diana is also explored in the film with Stella Gonet as Queen Elizabeth.

4. The King’s Speech (2010)

The historical drama follows Queen Elizabeth’s father King George VI. To cope with a stammer, the King hires an Australian speech therapist with unconventional methods.

5. A Royal Night Out (2015)


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