Fake Housemate Modella Evicted From BBNaija House


The housemate turned out to be one of Biggie’s fake housemate Modella. Hours to the live show, other fake housemates Deji, Chizzy and Rachel were instructed to not come forward if an announcement of a “fake housemate” is made.

Modella joined the show with Deji a month ago as a fake housemate. While their roles were not explicitly stated, Modella failed Big Brother’s first task. Recall that the housemate was instructed to cause some chaos in the Beauty and Groovy ship, a task she found too herculean to undertake.

Away from her failed task, Modella’s stay on the show got exciting towards its end with her “situationship” with Bryann. Modella also earned herself a role in a Showmax Original for winning the streamer’s task.

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