Exploring Non-Penetrative Sexual Acts For Optimum Pleasure


It’s the norm that every sexual activity should end in penetration. This conception of sex is restrictive and can sometimes make the experience boring and monotonous. Some people explore some forms of non-penetrative sexual acts as a prelude to the main thing, yet non-penetrative sex can be just as pleasurable and satisfying as intercourse, and sometimes even more intense, especially for some women who find it difficult to achieve an orgasm through intercourse…even for woman who orgasm through penetrative sex, they say that they achieve a more intense orgasm with nonpenetrative sex.

It also helps you better understand your body. It is important to note that penetration is just one of many tools available for sexual pleasure.

There are many ways to enjoy sex. Different people have different body types, desires, and needs that go beyond traditional ideas of intercourse. So if your sex life has become monotonous lately or you are just looking to explore.

Here are a few nonpenetrative sex ideas to knock you off your feet.

1. Oral sex: This is one of the most popular non-penetrative sexual acts. It gives the most intense pleasure yet, especially when it is not rushed and done the right way. This in itself is a main event. Oral sex is especially satisfying for women because the tongue stimulates the clitoris better and more intensely than vaginal penetration with a penis.

2.  Frottage sex: This is a non-penetrative sexual act that involves rubbing different erogenous zones together. The human body has parts of it that have a high concentration of tender nerve endings. Touching or stimulating these parts of the body can be unbelievably pleasurable, but you need to discover your zones by yourself to experience the sensations therein. The most common erogenous zones include the underarms, nipples, anus, thighs and feet. You can try rubbing different parts of your body against different parts of your partner’s in different combinations. The man can try rubbing his penis on his partner’s nipples or vulva. The kick is to try different techniques and positions to find which is most pleasurable.

3. Dry humping: Most people think of dry humping as a juvenile act, but it is highly pleasing and can deliver mind-boggling orgasms. This is the act of rubbing your genitals against your partner, without penetration, through a layer of fabric. It is something that can be practised by sexually active adults who are looking for other ways to up their pleasure.

4. Mutual masturbation: Masturbating with your partner can be sexually satisfying and exciting. Your partner gets to see by your example how you like to be touched and pleasured, which can be not only rewarding but stimulating for your partner.

Finally, all forms of sexual experiences are completely valid. And even though the risk of infection is less with nonpenetrative sex, it is wise to always protect yourself.

Don’t hold back this weekend. Have fun.

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