Doyin Blows Hot Over House Gossip


Tagged the unofficial therapist of the house, Doyin’s involvement in relationships has been misconstrued by the housemates.

Doyin had a brief meltdown hours ago over a conversation with Chizzy. Triggered by last week’s claims that she purposely enjoyed weighing in on housemates’ relationships, Doyin blew hot over Chizzy attempt to offer advice with her involvement Sheggz and Bella’s latest fight.

Running to her defense, Bella fanned the flames by expressly calling Chizzy out alongside nameless male housemates.

According to Doyin, people usually bring their issues to her and not the reverse as propagated by the housemates presumably in an attempt get her evicted.

Meanwhile, Sheggz and Bella had yet another major argument that ended as quickly as it started. The couple continue to spur mixed reactions from fans with most calling on the show’s organizers to weigh in on what has been termed “abusive.”

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