Different Types Of Food On Different Occasions


Food is something that every person likes to have. On any occasion, we like to celebrate with food. Wedding: A


Wedding is a big ceremony. There will be lots of people there. It is a grand ceremony and everyone likes to enjoy their food. To satisfy your guests you have to arrange vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Different people have different opinions. So, you should arrange different types of items. However, everything depends upon your budget. There should be a starter, main course and dessert. We are sure that your guest will be happy to receive such foods.


Rituals: If you have any rituals in your house like worship or any ceremony then you should arrange light meals. People will come and offer their prayers to the gods. Generally, in any rituals, people arrange vegetarian food. However, it entirely depends upon you. In these types of rituals, it is always best to arrange two to three items. You can also keep sweets as a dessert. It will be great to serve your guests with all the special items.

Birthday party: People like to celebrate birthday parties either at their house or in some restaurant. Sometimes the family members cook all the dishes. Depending on the number of guests, you should arrange the food. If you have more than 30 guests then it would be better to arrange a caterer. Moreover, you can add special items so that your guest will be entertained. Keep vegetarian and non-vegetarian food so that everyone will feel happy to eat.

Treat: We often offer treatment to our lovers or friends. If it is a low budget treat then you can easily take your friend to a nearby food stall and offer the food. The foods can be fried rice with chilli chicken. It can also be cake and snacks. It will not cost you more and you can also enjoy the meal.

Party: Parties are of various types. If it is a reunion party, then you can enjoy your food with wine as the starter. Visit any restaurant and order food as per your requirements. If the party had no theme, then just chill and enjoy. However, depending upon the age group you should plan.

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