Cultural Abominations In Igbo Land


Some of these abominations are still being followed strictly to this day, and below are 5 cultural abominations in Igbo land;

Short pythons are generally sacred in Igbo land and must not be killed or eaten. The pythons are believed to be the reincarnation of ancestors, and they are also believed to be guardians of the land.

These short pythons are believed to be children of the Orashi stream, and killing them means trouble. Killing the python means it will be mourned with grave punishments for the individual.

Giving and receiving gifts in odd numbers is an abomination in Igbo land. When giving gifts, ensure it’s in even numbers because giving one gift is only to get accepted and thrown away.

The reason behind this is that two represent their mother’s breasts and the multiplication of blessings.

Killing oneself is considered an abomination and is frowned upon by man and gods, and the victim must never be buried within the community.

His body is cursed and must be buried in the forbidden forest or outside the town to prevent evil from befalling others in the community. Several rituals are carried out after suicide is committed to cleansing the land because it is now considered polluted.

The use of the left hand is forbidden in Igbo land even if you are left-handed, so a left-handed individual is trained to use their right hand to eat, give and accept things from elders.

Using your left hand in Igbo land is considered disrespectful and unwise, and it’s not socially acceptable to be used in public.

Eke market day is a day set aside for the ancestors, and no work is allowed to be done on that day.

No one must go to the farm, no weddings or festivities will be held on that day, but people can trade freely in the market. Everyone is urged to be careful on the eke market day, so they don’t have bad things happen to them.

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